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There are 100's of fad diets and  training routines that promise "quick" and "lasting" results. At Studio G our body transformation programs are knowledge based and are built on the foundation of clean eating principles.  At Studio G, we teach the "why" behind many of the weight-loss questions that you have. Our programs fuse the importance of Nutrition and  Fitness to assist you with your desired lifestyle change. Losing weight can be a huge challenge.  Losing weight alone can be an even bigger challenge. The Studio G Body Transformation Programs provides an effective way to jump-start your journey to a healthy lifestyle.  The Studio G Lifestyle Coaching staff will inspire you to get up and make a change.  They will motivate and hold you accountable for your every action!  They will not only be equipping you with the nutritional and fitness knowledge to lose weight, but  you will also learn how to maintain it!

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Personal Weight Training and Small Group Weight Training